Cinema and Italian identity: visual culture and national imagination between tradition and modernity.

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Cinema and italian identity : culture and tradition.
On 28 and 29 November at the University of Roma Tre, was held an International Conference which saw attend many important guests as, Stefania Parigi, Christian Uva e Vito Zagarrio.
The proposed theme, Cinema and Italian identity, between tradition and modernity focuses on a nation exposed to film and Visual Arts.
The Italy in short can be defined as the country of fashion, food, art, and no doubt the House of photography, television and film.
The themes dealt with during the two days are different, from the icons of the world of cinema, the meaning of this all-Italian art, of the relationship between the city of Rome and the cinematic world.
We wanted to highlight the concept of Italianness and fight gender difference and gender violence.
The cinema and the special relationship with the city of Rome, are famous all over the world, the celebration is always a great event and recognition.
Cinema, undisputed symbol of the Italian spirit, all lived, deepened and internationalized. Is a great treasure, which arrived to engage the world.
Between origins, traditions and history, there is the cinema and there is Rome.

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