Marrakech, Maroc… it’s all about styling!

Marrakech …it’s all about styling!
The Maroc is always “in mode”.
Rome fashion tv, on a visit to Morocco.
It’s a land of colors, shapes, texture, patterns, light and pairing.
An evening, a day in Morocco, and you can see the fashion atmosphere in the air. Morocco, is glamour, pretty, dinamic in the same time. All have a style.
Crazy land, fashion land, chic land, fast land.
There is a different way for understanding the shopping idea.
Fast fashion, denim, knitwear, moroccoan brand, clothes, home textiles, eco-sustainability, innovation and textile industry. Handmade and craftmanship.
The attention to details meets the love of wisdom, the extravagance but always refined.
Art and fashion are on the same floor, complementary, particular form of influence in the “style-idea”
The sculptures, the forms, the pictures in every space, through images and styles.
It denotes to culture of beauty and precision. The importance of the arts forms is very important.
In the pictures, some shots in Marrakech that refer to styling.

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