What is the perfect souvenir of Marrakech?

What is the perfect souvenir of Marrakech?
The famous shoes, a betten know as, the “babucce”, beautiful, sophisticated and typical of Moroccoan’s world.
From a thousand and a night.
Are typical soes-slippers, handmade, leather and cloth. Are made right in the Moroccoan land.
In every corner of the city of Marrakech, but also in the other cities of course, can be found on display.
Colorful, stylish, almost seen to create beauty and spread cheer.
Alredy, all those colors, bring good mood and attitude.
A magic form of style.
A particular fashion, synonymous with attachment to the terrytory and tribute to the culture of the country.
Woman and man, young and kids, all wear them.
Then they are easy to match for the styling, under tunics, skirts, dresses, pants and suits.
Choosing the most adapt color and ornate trim.
They came across the world, famous and iconic.
Traditional Moroccoan shoes.
Is all about styling.
Are the Moroccoan designers that created this particular fashion shoes.
Rome fashion tv, onn a visit to Morocco.

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