The fashion of the 20th century: the show in Milan.
This exhibition, open to the public from December 2017 in Milan for one years.
This important event is about the fashion world that is rappresentative of  20th century.
The show is divided into two sections, day and evening. In the day part, you can ammire and find wedding dresses, elegant dresses, cerimonial and sophisticated dresses. In the evening part you can ammire and find the “fashion dance ideas”.
There are an incredible numbers of collections. The made in Italy is the central power.
This show is concentrate on fashion and luxury made in Italy and international fashionthanks to support of the “Associazione Dimore Storiche Italiane”
For the second year, moreover, the exhibition will have a guest of honor : Mr. Giorgio Armani.
The exhibition “Outfit 1900s” open at Palazzo Morando in the center of Milan city, there are outfit from 1900s to 1990s , clothes and the stories of fashion system.
A special italian event that have traced an era, the 20th century and a relationship with a city : Milan.
Rome fashion tv for fashion and luxury’s events and stories.
Celebrating fashion.
Celebrating italian fashion style.

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