“Handcrafted by master hatters marches, each Montegallo Hats is guaranteed, that makes each piece unique. The experience and traditional craftsmanship to produce a fine hat, by the charm and timeless style.”

Rftv: Alice want to tell us about the birth of the brand “Montegallo Hats”?
Alice Montegallo: Montegallo was created as a game. I am born as a sickly girl not seriousand, even as a child I wore the hat for protection. I couldn’t find ever perfect hat, Montegallo was created as a joke. I am born as a sickly girl not seriousand, even as a child I wore the hat for protection. I couldn’t find ever perfect Hat, in my homeland then, Idiscovered a special processing of this accessory.
A brand synonymous with elegance and quality. A search for materials, the discovery of the “Museum of the hat” of the Marches, my inspiration. The brand takes its name from the family residence called “Montegallo”.

Rftv: Alice can you tell us about reality and life in Montegallo?
Alice Montegallo: A country life takes place in Montegallo, where it is unthinkable to leave the house without a hat. Montegallo is a small fraction of Osimo in the province of Ancona, a small “county”. A place full of traditions.

Rftv: How does the creative process of the “Montegallo” brand?
Alice Montegallo: Personally I love wearing hats before creating. The creative process comes from understanding the need of the hat, to make it a functional accessory. The attention to detail is important for Montegallo. The hat must be perfect.

Rftv:To whom and to what is Alice inspired by the creation of her hats?
Alice Montegallo: The inspiration is given by classical cinematography and style icons of the past.

Wearing a hat is good and then it is also synonymous with elegance. The hat exposes and protects, creates mystery. “I love the hat” is the most beautiful sentence. Every person has his hat. It’s a matter of habits, our grandparents wore it and did not do a school of behavior. Take a hat and wear it.
Fashion is made of harmony with a pinch of extravagance.

Rftv: Regarding the distribution of the brand?
Alice Montegallo: From Mykonos to Ibiza, passing through Pietrasanta in Italy and some boutiques from America to China and of course through the online shop

Rftv: About the 2018 spring / summer collection …
Alice Montegallo: It will be a collection made of accessories and glamorous details with feathers, bows while maintaining the classic shape. Fashion is semplicity.

Interview to: Alice Montegallo
Brand: Montegallo Hats
Area: Accessories

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