Fendi presents the exhibition : Fendi Studios!

Fendi presents the exhibition : Fendi Studios!
The natural passion between FENDI and the world of cinema is made up of glamour and creative dynamics. Fendi Studios is an invitation to discover FENDI’s long lasting relationship with the cinema world but in a modern and contemporary way. Through decades FENDI has manufactured several outfits, accessories and fur pieces for international movies, from Italian new wave to American blockbusters, from there the idea departed to feature those movies in one unique exhibition.
This costumes collection is displayed and presented in the several rooms of the exhibition showcased in Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, which itself is linked to cinema history.
Fendi Studios invites the visitors to immerse one selves into a digital experience where they can interact and reinvent the movies, by entering “into the scene”.
A vintage italian style cinema ticket kiosk welcomes visitors in this glamorous world.
Femme Fatale, Grand Hotel Budapest, The devil wears Prada, Enrico IV and others, are all films with Fendi style.
An infinity mirror corridor captures the public while entering in an iconic movie scene to become the protagonist.
This show is featured in the FENDI headquarter in Rome.
There has been a long relationship between FENDI and cinema. A digitally immersive journey in this amazing relationship.
The fashion Roman house meets the Cinema world.
From 20th October 2017 to 25th March 2018.

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