A real one woman show ORA ET La BORA, the text written and performed by Cecilia D’amico at the Teatro Space 18b 1 March 2018 at the 4.
A multi-linguistic comedy that combines the canons theatrical languages to those of variety and variety shows.
In ORA ET La BORA Cecilia D’Amico continues the line of a theater comedian who started out in 2014.
Ora et La Bora is set in a gym, quirks and obsessions. The protagonist would want to escape from this chaotic environment.
The gym, “place of mothers and children, of old with socks,” shows us the benevolent appearance and at the same time disturbed, fake, obsessive people who tend to frequent them, putting us in touch with “the anorexic girls, men pumped.”
“Ora Et La Bora” is a comedy show and surreal color that stands out for its frantic pace and, full of fashionable characters, full of comedy.
In Rome, this new, big show, four dates and an extraordinary cast ready to show and to excite the audience.
The theater is the “space 18B,” iconic and famous, in the heart of the capital.