Italia Independent presents its new SS 2018 Communication Campaign whose artistic direction is under the talented director Alexi Tan. Fresh, sexy, bold and explosive, #EveryONE Campaign celebrates the uniqueness of the individual, invaluable because it is unique and unrepeatable.
“The only true diversity is our uniqueness: in feeling, perceiving and re-elaborating. What unites us and makes us feel part of a community is what distinguishes us as unique, unrepeatable and wonderful human beings. Today more than ever before, diversity is enrichment and beauty in all its forms and facets, whether
racial, sexual, religious or political. With my company we want to get closer to what is considered different and celebrate it because it is synonymous with strength, exchange of interests and innovation. Diversity is a quality that must be protected, preserved and lived for what it is: a value. #EveryONE Campaign fills me with pride because it is extremely contemporary, rich in the values in which I strongly believe and a perfect
balance between style, elegance and humanity.” Lapo Elkann, Founder and Artistic Director of Italia Independent.

The strength and richness of a community does not come from what the components of the community have in common but from every way in which they are different. The community only has value if it is made up of many differences. Others are precious to the extent that they are different. Diversity is an asset.
#EveryONE Campaign explores in depth the concept of everyone, making it a reality and, through the evocative power of its images, portrays diversity as a prime value because it is able to enrich everyone’s heritage: a hymn to uniqueness, an exhortation to preserve it, defend it and understand its power because
it is what makes us irreplaceable.