AltaRoma 2018 is beginning in a while… and we are enthusiastic! Like every year the AltaRoma event is divided into five days. From 27th of June to 1st of July AltaRoma takes part in an awesome ambient which is Cinecittà. A lot of brands, well known and not, present their own collections. But is not the only thing. The program is full of other brilliant and interesting activities like shows, showcases, films and courses of formation offered by four important academies. In fact on the last day of AltaRoma inside the Cinecittà studios, in Via Vincenzo Lamaro 30, “Accademia di Belle Arti” from Naples, “Accademia Altieri Moda e Arte”, “Accademia Koefia”, formation course at Indonesian Embassy in Via Piemonte 129, and “Accademia Italiana” offer free formation courses. That is an important chance for young people passionate about fashion and art and for young people who want to know more.

“Accademia di Belle Arti” of Naples is one of the most ancient academies of art in Italy. Founded in 1752 by Carlo Di Borbone with a precise scope of educate young artists. Until a decade ago it was the only academy in the south of Italy. Today “Accademia di Belle Arti” is a fundamental place to study all different types of Art in Southern of Italy.

“Accademia Altieri Moda e Arte” from 1973 used to organize courses of : fashion, design, make-up, beauty, hairstyling and visual merchandising. “Accademia Altieri di Moda e Arte” wants to introduce prepared young people into the job world, and it guarantees the reliability of this by offering a free course just in case the student is not prepared in the best way.

“Accademia Koefia” is probably the best fashion Academy in Rome. It was founded by Madame Koefia in 1951 and so it is the first fashion Academy in Italy. The origin of the word “Koefia”, comes from a small village in Libia where people used to sew for every citizen of the village and for people who lived near. Today “Accademia Koefia” offers European Bachelor degrees in fashion and some Masters in fashion design.

“Accademia Italiana” was founded in Florence in 1984 by Architect Vincenzo Giubba. Today has two schools one in Florence and one in Rome. “Accademia Italiana” offer an academic formation in photography, design and fashion in Italian or in English. Every course is recognized by MIUR (Ministero Istruzione, Università e Ricerca).