Cinema has always been an important fashion diffuser since its beginnings, and fashion has always played a very important role for actors, both on and off the set. Particularly in Rome after the difficult years of the Second World War, cinema was an important launching pad to bring back to the old city the eternal city, for which there opened a flourishing period that would leave a mark not only in the history of cinema but also in Roman fashion. It was the fifties and the Italian cinema stood out as one of the strongest of that period, were the times of historical films such as the ‘Dolce Vita’ and “Roman Holiday”, the latter in particular, interpreted by Audrey Hepburn, allowed to give a vision of Rome not only as a place to turn but also on which and to turn. The Cinecittà establishments again began to be populated by Italian productions but also by the US, so as to nicknamed the city as the “Hollywood on the Tiber”. The boom of the Roman film industry also stimulated the growth of the cinema-theatrical tailors and the affirmation of the figure of the costume designer who often collaborated with haute couture houses.


The cinema has therefore contributed to making the creative and craftsmanship of the Roman tailor shops famous throughout the world. The organizers of Altaroma are well aware that for this new edition, which will take place from June 28th to July 1st, with a pre-opening on June 27th, they have placed the location at the Cinecittà Studios, which will therefore provide a prestigious backdrop to the collections of the Roman couturier, presentations and fashion shows of young talents, an opening party, schools and fashion academies and costumes on show, ideally evoking that combination that has made Roman creativity great in the past.

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