YACOUBA FELINE ONE: Two wheels of luxury

Refinement, technology and luxury design for the naked superlux from 280 thousand dollars.

Eccentric, luxurious, powerful and exclusive:

these are the objectives and the virtues that distinguish Yacouba Feline One. Not for just a chance this is one of the motorcycles in the top ten of the most expensive in the world.

Real piece of the author, the Feline One, with his characteristic and sensual “panther” line, seduce even the most conservative and traditional rider. Right at the edge of what is possible, Feline One presents itself as “the right combination of sophistication and high technology, for those demanding customers whom search for innovative and unique innovations »; it is with these words that Yacouba Galle, French designer, test pilot and journalist, father creator of this 2 wheeler dynamics, describes the his little creature.

Feline One is the result of 4 years of technological studies: it boasts, in fact, an exclusive engine and innovative materials; class and elegance merge with the most extraordinary state of the art technical components.




The aesthetic appears clean, linear, enriched by a sturdy front fork and a hook-shaped back. The digital and high definition dashboard provides the pilot with fully customizable features. Carbon, titanium, aerospace aluminum and fine leather that make up the various parts of the bike guarantee comfort, freedom of movement and excellent speed performance. With its ultra-light weight (155 kg), its 170 horse power and its rigid structure, Feline is particularly simple and efficient to “tame”, offering an extreme and unparalleled driving experience. Not just a collector’s item, therefore, but a jewel that entertains and enchants on roads as well as on tracks, and which challenges  aggressively the laws of what it is allowed to do on the street.

The marketing of the Yacouba Feline One started in 2016, with the launch of the first limited edition models of 50 numbered copies. Certainly to give the chills are not only the extraordinary performance of a naked sport so unique and precious: the price to pay for elegance, wealth and opulence is anything but affordable: 280 thousand dollars (about 250 thousand euro) the cost of the Feline.

But “how nice it is to go around with the wings under your feet ?!” You will have to deal with your heart of a motor-rider, measure the heartbeat in number of laps or in luxury’s terms ?

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