Sustainable Winter Holiday

How to let your Winter Sport Week become “Sustainable”

Ever heard of organic snow, photovoltaic skilift and bamboo’s skis? … For those who were not aware of it, there are different ways to turn a winter holiday into an eco-friendly holiday.

All lovers of winter sports would never give up at that time of year allowing them to escape from the city’s chaos; and speaking of a white week, as never before, it is possible to live on holiday in the name of carefree and fun without neglecting respect for nature.

Eco-friendly skiing is possible: starting from the arrival on site, there are now many ski resorts that reward all skiers who go on the slopes (as well as shuttles, city buses or trains made available by the vast majority of accommodations) using means such as car-pooling and car-sharing.

We are talking about the use of a single car by a group of people who travel the same route; this saves both in economic terms and in terms of pollution. Moreover, in possession of electric or hybrid cars, it can fill up with fuel for free once it reaches the chosen ski resort (where possible).


But that is not all. The power supply of the ski lifts is increasingly widespread through renewable energy sources: an example is the Walser di Tenna ski lift system (Safiental-Switzerland), the first solar-powered system, composed of photovoltaic “wings” that provide 90 megawatt-hour of energy per year, partly used to power the ski lift system, partly introduced into the public network. The technology used provides mobile photovoltaic panels, able to follow the inclination of the sun, thus maximizing the emission and propagation of energy.

Even the snow contemplates the “smart mood”: if the white mantle is not sufficient to guarantee optimal skiing, we resort more often to organic snow, an artificial snow, but obtained thanks to the recovery (after purification) of waste water from drains.

And if the fanatical fashion victims are looking for excuses, do not make too much effort: “eco” trend also for equipment. Snowboarding and skis made of bamboo guarantee style and efficiency

moreover low-impact glues (compared to quantities usually needed for wood construction) and substitute paint finishes with natural oils guarantee maximum green-oriented benefits. Prices are varied on brand and technology. An advice for the most skeptical? No need to worry: the tests have made excellent sealing results on the track: safety and fun are guaranteed! And if “to make a table we need wood” and “to make wood we need the tree” it is good that the attention to the environment is as much as possible safeguarded: to make eco-sustainability it takes (and we are glad about it) the green style white week.

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