Let’s Define what is Luxury for Martina

Among all the concepts used to describe the concept of Luxury, the most complete is the etymological one that defines it as something magnificent but at the same time dissolute. In fact, luxury can be seen both as something able to generate consumer satisfaction, and guarantee a unique emotional experience, both as a simple and pure ostentation aimed at defining one’s belonging to the highest levels of society. The requirements that a luxury item, in this case of fashion, must have are: excellent quality, deriving from the uniqueness and refinement of the raw materials used; tradition, the link with the past, with a history, necessary added value; an artistic content, the brand must have a clear design that characterizes it over time and finally the adherence to social trends, the change of social dynamics can only correspond to changes in aesthetic taste. This aspect is in the luxury even more rooted than in mass goods, being the heritage of the high social class that from a certain point of view is the architect of these changes. The price, usually higher than the average, isn’t a sufficient condition to describe something as luxurious, as luxury is just a set of meanings that transcend economic value.

One of the many examples of luxury in fashion is The ” haute couture “, literally translated as “the art of haute couture”, is a private sector where exclusive clothes and accessories are created, often worn by movie stars, models and directors on red carpet.

But luxury is not just that of large groups. In particular, the Authentic Italian style comes mainly from the small ones
family-run companies that manufacture handicrafts, treating only precious materials, giving life to products that have a real link with the spirit of the place of belonging, thus creating a story around the object that acquires added value that does not derive only from its beauty or prestige. These small companies have then become the big brands that today we know and admire, in fact a study carried out by the Global Luxury Brand Survey, indicate that the most desired luxury brand would be Gucci, the great Italian fashion house founded in 1921, with a story behind it almost millenary. A luxury item is therefore a timeless masterpiece, and acquiring it means becoming part of the history of

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