Sustainable fashion: when sustainability becomes fashion

Fashion and sustainability the “fashion” industry has a new one target.

Sustainable luxury has become an essential need. It is not just about finding a remedy for climate change, reducing biodiversity, the lack of resources and population growth, talk about sustainable fashion it has also become a business matter.

Emerging brands and well-known fashion houses have decided to create garments with ecological and renewable materials. Over the years, eco-sustainability has become one of the most coveted objectives to be achieved in various sectors, especially in the clothing sector. An important contribution was also given by international influencers or celebrities who choose to wear eco-friendly clothes, transmitting their passion for sustainability and greener fashion.

The goal is to look for ecological and renewable materials at the same time, especially not harmful to the environment. Today, the fashion system has to deal with a new generation of consumers, whom are personally interested in sustainable fashion consider sustainability as a criterion for choosing what to buy.

“I think that consumers are more conscious. In dressing, eating, in lifestyle in general, but not only. Certain topics have opened up a conversation: because fashion should not be part of it? said “Stella McCartney“, a well-known designer US and pioneer of ethical fashion. Along with her, numerous high fashion brands or fast fashion brands like H & M, Zara and Mango, not to mention the young and innovative designers such as Tiziano Guardini are embarking on a path dedicated to sustainability, giving life to collections made with natural fibers and products through a system able to minimize waste, pollution and the exploitation of workers.

An ethical and environmentally-friendly luxury that meets the demands of the new consumers who want to buy without guilt, especially i Millennials that represent the future of fashion.

Fashion is one of the largest and most powerful industries in the entire globe and even one of the most polluting, for this reason we think the eco-friendly luxury is the new frontier of fashion system.

And now more than you love, dressing eco-sustainable no longer means having to give up glamorous and fashionable clothing.


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