Discovery with us, “Chanel boyfriend”!

Discovery Chanel boyfriend

Discovery with us, “Chanel boyfriend”!
Meanwhile with us back in New York. We want remeber this expecially consideration :” A boyfriend’s place is on a woman’s arm!”. Always actually. The same for Chanel event : “Chanel boyfriend”.
All this at “Coco club”, this is definitely nice.
The woman that havethe ability to change time, loved the positive environment at the Pop up fof Chanel. Loved Chanel’s world.
The Chanel’s woman means “be a woman to watch”. Chanel boyfriend want this!
If was your (Chanel) boyfriend taht watch you, i’d never let you go. Coco club state of the mind! Really!
The Coco club is a Chanel boyfriend event for woman.
Inspired by traditional men’s social clubs, Chanel is opening a pop-up for women inside, where else?,  the Wing in New York City this November to celebrate its boyfriend watch collection.
The “Coco club”, also includes a photo booth, a beauty room, (stocked with plenty of Chanel beauty products), a café, and a numerologist reader on site to help you find your magic number. The space want encourages all ladies to stop by, and take some much-needed time for themselves.
First, there’s a beauty room, stocked with all the Chanel products one could ever imagine—specifically, with the lipsticks, pencils and nail polishes all inspired by the Boy·Friend collection. Guests can get a touch up to prepare for the many photo ops they’ll soon encounter in the Chanel-emblazoned confines of the Coco Club.
So, you have immediately possibility of to be transported into an immersive experience of all things Chanel, with a photo booth that snaps a pic for their “club passport,”.
To be Chanel addicted is everyday che unique reason, an important consideration of lifestyle and identity.
If you had like to call a friend, you have necessity of “Chanel boyfriend” in Chanel Coco club.
Sofisticated, imperative and exclusive are this event and this location.  The possibility is unique in the world.
Walking into the beautifully executed Coco Club pop-up, in support of the Canel boyfriend, was like stepping into a wonderfull dream. Pretty wing, of course.
Take your passport and discovery “Chanel boyfriend” collection.
Discovery with us this chic fashion world.

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