The history of JJ Martin. An american in Milan.

The history of JJ Martin.
The world of fashion and its “wealth”. Then there are the personalities that enrich it in full and contribute to innovations and successes. Fashion journalism then, a world and a frantic, fun, but tiring. But the engine of all. And women, women who are part of it, a true power.
We speak of an icon, a woman who is leaving its mark, arrived in Italy only a few years ago.
JJ Martin, nicknamed the sciura vintage marketplace. American Journalist.
She is a rich romance with the fashion world. NACE in California, li spent his childhood. Then his youth in San Francisco.
In new York, the boom of his success, he collaborated with marketing for Calvin Klein. When he arrives in Italy though, changed his life. Discover the taste of beauty.
His career began in Milan with editorial matter. The journalistic profession allows him to meet many people. Milan and Italy, are symbol and synonym of creativity.
She is the Honorary Fellow of the vintage, the Italy for her is a country marked by vintage. Between editorials, news and shooting, spreads its culture fashion.
We can say: “an American fashion in Milan”.
Journalist and fashion designers. Innovative and enterprising, godmother of the lifestyle.

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