Fungi Line, the new completely Vegan shoe

More and more people in recent years are opting for a completely Vegan lifestyle, not only in nutrition but also in dressing, as a result, even companies that adhere to this trend have increased.

One of these is Nat-2, a well-known German footwear brand that will soon launch the first 100% Vegan sneakers. Apparently they may look like normal shoes in leather and leather, but in reality they are produced exclusively with materials that have nothing to do with the animal world. These were in fact made with a material obtained from the fungus fomes fomentarius, or a non-edible specimen that, thanks to a manual processing, through which it is made antiseptic and antibacterial, takes on appearance and colors very similar to the classic leather used in common footwear and garments, in particular suede leather, also the manual processing also allows to obtain different shades of color useful for the aesthetics of the shoe. The shoe for more is completely eco-sustainable because the other parts have been used materials with a very low environmental impact, for the insole in fact has been used of the cork while for the external natural rubber.

The idea comes from the mind of the young designer Nina Fabert, while design and model have been entrusted to Sebastian Thies who gives the shoes a vintage look. Everything was therefore conceived in Germany but for the realization the Italian manufacturing tradition was chosen and as a type of footwear the sneakers were opted for the comfort. The shoe has been given the name of Fungi Line and includes four high top and low top models for both men and women. The launch price is still unknown, but it should be well above the average of the classic sneakers because of the processing times that are very long and expensive and above all due to the manufacturing process.

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