Rolls Royce Phantom 2018: the dream passenger compartment

The most luxurious car in the world still amazes us

Despite the stylistic lines have remained faithful to the ancestors, the 2018 version of the most famous English limousine in the world gives us a beating heart of extreme luxury, flaunting its exclusivity to the highest levels.

The distinctive element is undoubtedly the elegance that has always distinguished the flagship of Casa Rolls Royce; but inside the new Phantom 2018 one perceives an even more optimal comfort, thanks to a quietness never reached until today. The perfect acoustics that reign among the very precious (completely redesigned) Phantom armchairs are obtained thanks to over 130 kg of insulating and sound-absorbing material, 6 mm thick laminated glass and special tires with an internal hood that reduces the noise of the rolling of 9 decibels.

New generation = new technologies

Phantom 2018 also presents many innovations in technology: the new “The Gallery” dashboard is dominated by a large screen

touch, retractable, which boasts a 12.3-inch display and brings together the functions of the multimedia system. At the ends of the monitor a decorative panel in tempered glass completely customizable completes the sumptuousness of the bridge of command: it can be wrapped, in fact, from leather, wood or metal to create a real work of art, precious and unique. Classic, but never out of fashion, the analog clock that supports the viewer.

In the rear part of the cockpit of the new Rolls Royce Phantom could not miss the displays (also retractable) dedicated to passengers.

Many configurations for the session: you can choose between the classic sofa, single seats with fixed console, or exclusive reclining business class seats.

Exclusive finishes also for the comfortable doors, equipped with cabinet opening and automatic closing. Recurring themes, it is true, but re-proposed in an evolved key and embellished with precious materials.

Roof “Starlight Headliner”

The roof is undoubtedly the most fascinating and astonishing element of the entire interior, which features a spectacular new Starlight Headliner: to understand its true splendor you do not need words … a fairytale car, a story, a story that continues for eight generations, which never deludes and always enchants.

Dream or reality? It is not known to ordinary people!

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