Young Entrepreneurship Association Internationalization
Young Entrepreneurship Association - Internationalization

On Thursday, November 30th, 18:30, at the Spazio Fare, on the second floor of the “Mercato Centrale” in Rome, will be held the event of presentation of “Imprenditoria Giovanilefocusing on how to promote the marketing and the internationalization of Italian Companies.

Young Entrepreneurship Association addresses young entrepreneurs, those who want to become entrepreneurs and those who have been entrepreneurs for a long time. The young man brings the freshness of ideas, the senior the wisdom of experience.Young Entrepreneurship Association addresses all those who have a dream to achieve and the desire to do so in the best possible way. One of the main goals the association proposes is, the encounter between practitioners working in the same or in different sectors, their personal growth and the project they are looking at with focus on promoting the internationalization.

“The network of professionals is a prerogative of the foreign market,” explains Vincenzo Benincaso. We are jealous of our ideas and we prefer to see them failing to entrust to someone who can help us develop them. ”

Entrepreneurship, on the other hand, sees the foreign market, promotes collaboration but lacks easy success. “We live in the start up era – followed by the vice president – and the illusions. How many are the projects that really survive market logic? Data reported by Sole24ore testify that 1start up to 2 closes in loss and that, after five years, only 21% of them survive. Because? Why doing business is not from everyone. Or rather, to do business requires specific skills. ”

That is whyYoung Entrepreneurship Association has worked with the Studio RBM in Rome and the web agency of Pescara Acto Media to create two competitions between start ups, respectively Digital Start Up Contest and Boost Your Idea, which bestowed the best entrepreneurial ideas with “training awards”.


“We thought,” says Mattia Esposito, “because of what my associate said, that it would be useful to differentiate ourselves by putting the young in the state of learning, through internships and stages, to realize a business idea. We live in a Country that does not facilitate young dreamers, tax burden and bureaucratic cracking are certainly an obstacle to the realization of young entrepreneurial projects. An obstacle, but not a wall. Our goal, therefore, is to train the boys so that they can reach the goal, teaching them to break into the obstacle course that every entrepreneur has to face every day of his professional life. ”

A young and dynamic reality is that of Young Entrepreneurship who has all its under-35s in its board of directors. One seat in Rome, one in Puglia, one eye to Italy, one abroad, where they are watching and visiting and finding other territories fertile for the development of innovative ideas.
Just in this perspective of expansion, both strategic and territorial at this event will be communicated the international synergy between theYoung Entrepreneurship Association and I.F.N. – International Fashion Network with the six official offices in Amsterdam, Dubai, London, New York, Paris, Rome, internationalization of businesses, events, communication campaigns and international marketing.

November 30th event will talk about this and more, reserving and honoring a space for the testimony of a young entrepreneur: Alessandro Marinella, the fourth generation of a born Maison, in Naples, just over a century ago, in 1914, at work by Eugenio Marinella.

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