Going back to the roots of the brand, the iconic style of Mixes came to life as most of the great inventions: by accident. Back there, little girl had two favorite, but old pairs of jeans, that she did not want to throw away. Due to that, she decided to literally ‘mix’ them into one pair. She did that with help of her mom, professional seamstress. As a result, she received a unique piece of denim that was cool enough to get anyone’s attention.

Girl kept this idea in her head during all her 17-years career in the fashion industry. She worked as model for a variety of a luxury brands and learned the industry from deep insides. She also discovered the best materials and production processes that gave her an ability to bring her idea to life.

Going back to nowadays, Mixes collection mostly concentrates on denim pieces, but also includes contemporary ready-to-wear designs with an effortless rock chic vibe. The goal of the brand is creation of cool, edgy and at the same time relaxed, unpretentious looks. As a woman, designer also wanted to bring out the product that would enrich a woman’s figure. All denim styles have a well-thought construction and slimming fit. Wearing those jeans, you would definitely get all the eyes on you.

Children/little girl’s line
Mother herself, designer got an inspiration to create a similar denim collection for the little girls. Her daughter, like most of little girls, wanted to look exactly like her mommy. The best way to make her dream come true was creation of the identical denim styles in smaller size. In this line the key focus was creation of the comfortable and easy to put on pieces repeating the main collection. This line gives an ability to all the mothers to be more connected and, of course, look amazing together with their little girls.

Each and every Mixes piece is done from the high quality materials and hand-crafted details. The dedication is to produce a great cut, shape, durability and comfort.

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