Milena is another talented Designer which will be showing at Models Runway Italy.

Vyshyvanka is the genetic code of the Ukrainians. In its countless and rich motifs is written the millennial history of the Ukrainian people.
The traditional embroidery, but above all, the typical Vyshyvanka shirt, is much more than just a piece of clothing. Once the Vyshyvanka accompanied the person from birth to death and was a hallmark of belonging to a specific geographical area.

I ventured to my people, my roots and traditions that are disappearing, in an innovative key and in step with modern times. The refinement and the elegance of our precious embroideries make this collection exclusive in its kind, while the wide assortment of colors, but above all of fabrics, such as pure linen or fine cotton, add a value of excellence to each garment.

I am proud and grateful to be able to tell the story of my country through the world of fashion and style, which are so close to me.

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