VIVIANA VLACHOPULOS was born in Athens October 4,1988.She has always had a great passion and wonder for everything that has surrounded the beauty and devoted the early years of her life in the study of this research both in arts, than in more specifications relating to the field of fashion..
She has perfected her skills in the world of fashion and become its main form of expression, attending and concluding then in july 2012 the Institute of Education and Training ACADEMY ALTIERI through which she had the opportunity to train and learn STYLING, MODELING and TAILORING (techniques to develop her ideas and her vision of “beauty”).
During these years she has had extensive working experience as in October 2010, she attended the event IO SPOSA for VOGUE ITALIA as stylist assistant at the new Fiera in Rome, in 2011 came in third place in the national competition “Un Emozione d’ Estate” by Martina Franca. Proceeding then in january 2012 as assistant for TONY WARD at Alta Moda Roma and how stylist in march 2012 for an event of DIESEL at the Ducati Store in Rome.
She finally was able to present her creations for the event Alta Moda Roma in july of 2012, thanks to the clothes that she has presented, she was invited to attend the event YOUNG TALENT WORLD held in Rome in june 2013, an event created to reward the three best designers of some of the most renowned fashion academies in Rome…
Right now, my greatest wish is to stay spontaneous, positive and totally in love with what I do!
BLONDE CINTRE beachwear was founded in 2014.

Blonde Cintre is a brand Mediterranean.

A project characterized by the enthusiasm and passion inspired by Mediterranean islands. Greek-Italian designer Viviana Vlachopulos carries out its collections shaping quality materials together with the most innovative design. She wants to curry you through the brand for the mediterranean islands, feel the freshness of the crystal waters, smell the magic air of the port, see the fishing boats and walk on the typical island streets.

Having grown up from the two most beautiful Mediterranean countries Greece and Italy, she wished to create a Beachwear brand that would capture the magical sensation that she had always felt during summertime and share that magic with the world.

Viviana wants to offer women swimsuits that will feel wonderful on their bodies. A year dedicated to design, studies and to researches attaining the perfect fit, particular patterns and handmade applications.

Blonde Cintre beachwear represent the excellence of Italian production, each garment is made in the traditional way and in many cases the manual applications require the production steps executed entirely by hand.

“It was my way of sharing my love for the what i feel so unique through these two countries, with their unique culture and the special people one meets along the way.”

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