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The Italian fashion house Anna Jolie, founded and directed by the Russian fashion designer Anna Chekunova, after having received strong public appreciation during these years and after having dressed numerous showbiz personalities, has announced the desire to expand its international presence in luxury.

The Italian brand born in Milan in 2015, offers couture garments positioned in the luxury segment. The name “Anna Jolie” comes from the designer who in the name “Anna” has always perceived a feminine and refined sound.

Elegance, clean lines, romanticism, refinement, provocation and sensuality: these are the key points on which Anna Jolie fashion is articulated.

An overlap of contemporary, unique and original styles, which project the creations from the past to the future and are able to tell their own time. The creations refer to the elegance of the fashion of the 50’s and, in terms of colors, they are all united by a leitmotiv always present in every collection; the ancient rose and the white tell the romantic, sweet and sophisticated side of the woman; black and red narrate the rock and transgressive temperament of femininity.

Anna Jolie dresses women with Red Carpet dresses, women who know how to love, who appreciate art in all its forms, cinema, music, theater and any creative language capable of telling stories and emotions. The iconic symbol of “Anna Jolie” is the Red Passion rose that flies to the sky, taken as inspiration from the Salvador Dali painting “Rosa Meditativa”.

The brand is therefore the embodiment of a dreaming femininity, where every single dream dreams come when the woman wears the works of art conceived, created and shaped by the maison. A vision where the artistic side is combined with the dress and the dress, in turn, is combined with the modernity of the woman.

Refined collections, textures that come to life like the canvases of a painter, like endless tales, illustrated through the embroideries, fabrics and their structures, passing through careful constructions and designs. A femininity where the tradition of Italian fashion is magically combined with an international projection.

Brand Anna Jolie has already shown her collections in three fashion shows in Italy more precisely in January 2016 at Villa Olmo, in Como, and later at the Morgan Club in San Remo on the occasion of the Italian Music Festival and October 2016 at Villa San Michele in Fiesole.

In addition to the models marketed and the subject of its collections, Anna Jolie also creates exclusive items tailored to her clients.

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