Abitart – Paint on a dress like on a canvas.

This is the heart of Abitart, the brand born over 40 years ago as a prestigious wedding dress atelier, from the mother of the designer Vanessa Foglia and today passed just in his creative hands that season and in season propose unusual, extraordinary, colorful, never influenced by the latest trends, to show that even in fashion you can be artists. “Behind every dress of Abitart hides a story, a moment of life,” Vanessa Foglia told us. And we decided to find out more.

Abitart is an art form that comes to life on clothes: how does this idea come about?
It was born many years ago, with my mother and in the 90s the passing of the witness took place. I have always had an innate passion for painting, then my grandmother before going up to heaven told me “do it your way”. And, from there, I started painting my canvases on fabrics.

What’s special about Abitart’s leaders?
They are clothes that are transformed into other clothes: a garment can become 3 or 4 different clothes.

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