The High Fashion of the “Creative District” triumphs during Altaroma

Grazia Marino Antonio Falanga

A great success during Altaroma, for the fourth edition of the “Creative District” Project, the project conceived by Antonio Falanga and Grazia Marino is a journey in the company of the creatives, the Spazio Margutta, for places and traditions that make the “old continent”, as always, the cradle of fashion. A tour for times never lived but shaped by an exclusive clay collected from the best historical substrate by the new Italian faces of haute couture. The Creative District catwalk brings to life the creations of: Gian Paolo Zuccarello, Asia Neri by Irene Mattei, Aline Oliveira, Antudo, Dàvorin Cordone and Sosud by Mario Costantino Triolo. Six fashion pictures presented by Cinzia Malvini, one of the most accredited fashion system journalists, who becomes the guide towards this journey among the exclusive tailoring.

In fact, Gian Paolo Zuccarello with the splendor that distinguishes us brings us to Paris in the 50s and proposes us “Madeleine”. The Haute Couture Collection F / W 2018-19 is inspired by a charming Spanish dancer from the Moulin Rouge. Acclaimed and admired at night, she wants the same glow to shine even during the day while walking through the boulevards. The muse Madeleine, also in AltaRoma, wears tailored creations that enhance its beauty and femininity, narrow in the waist and laudative in the elegance of the necklines. The charming woman conceived by Zuccarello loves being a protagonist loves to be the protagonist with feathers and hats, dares in contrasts with strong and decisive colors (the chromatic combination conceived by the designer purple-green, yellow-bero, red-pink, blue-cerulean is fundamental which brings in the metaphor of day and night in Madeline’s life), dresses only fine fabrics, in natural fibers, such as pure cashmere, silk velvets, silk mikado, chiffon, lace, crystals and sequins.

You leave Paris to make a space-time jump. Asia Neri by Irene Mattei opens the window of fashion in the seventeenth century Spanish. Details that enshrine the collection as a cultural system of meanings. The complexity of the interweaving, the conspicuousness of the decorations and the desire to make the accessory itself part of the dress offer the whole collection with royalty. The greenish becomes thus superstructure and abandons its predefined space. The corset does not offer austerity and rigidity to the female figure but gives it modernity and enhancement of the strong points. Coats and hoods, in velvet, brocade and damask are enriched with fringes. Silk is the main fabric in shades of red (a tribute to Spain), of deep blue, of gold, of white and silver. The golden embroidery is the common thread of the collection.

To get to the third picture, we undertake the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, to kiss the Brazilian motherland of Aline Oliveira. The woman on the catwalk is lively, brave and colorful: the mirror of the ’80s. The trend is back, thanks to the High Fashion Collection F / W 2018-19, high waist, exaggerated shoulders, folds, drapery and rounded sleeves. An ode to joy in both the day and evening versions. It is a plaudit to the revenge of the figure of the woman who, with enthusiasm and originality, aimed, like today, to conquer the world of work. The woman emerges with a new role, that of a worker, also emphasized by the use of bright and decisive colors such as violet, lilac, red, bordeaux declined in cashmere, velvet and shaved wool. Grand finale with voluminous evening dresses made of triple and iridescent organza, silk cady and precious Swarovski embroidery.

A revolutionary bike is offered by the Antudo woman by Andy Leone, for the first time in AltaRoma. From Sicilian Vespers to modernity through an acronym, for the profound concept of island identity and for anti-Bourbon motions. In fact, The Lost Beauty collection tells the story from the point of view of the vanquished. Winks at the complaint and the desire for revenge of the South. A Japanese-Sicilian style marries the simplicity of the lines with the embroideries, symbol of the Sicilian identity analysis in a chromatic parallelism of the respective flags. Applied in yellow on clothes the “deniers”, the most precious of the four Sicilian card suits, symbolize wealth and prosperity, those in red instead the blood shed, the massacres and massacres, the causes of depletion in what is not the Nobody’s land. Antudo’s woman is proud and full of grit; wearing clothes in natural fabrics (silk, organza, cotton and viscose), it is embellished by the Antudo jewelery by GC Gaia Italian Handmade Jewelery.
Sicilian also the penultimate stylist who has illuminated with black opalescence, with his creations, the passage of the Cloister of the Angelicum: Dàvorin Cordone. “Empowering Beauty” is his first capsule collection. Ten sartorial creations are transformed into the emblem of the power of women. Bring on the catwalk the feminine that is to be contemplated, positively fear and at the same time wish to be. Black gives the will of revenge for the woman chained to prejudices over the centuries. The feathers and embroideries in Swarovski emphasize the magnificence of the woman as such. She is an ode to the female “dark side” made of velvets, organs, lace, embroidery, pleats and crystals. An elegance for the red carpet.

To conclude, Cinzia Malvini presents Sosud Ouverture, a project conceived by sisters Alessandra and Roberta Carrozzo, acquired under license by All In One Fashion Ltd and brought to AltaRoma by the talented Mario Costantino Triolo. The South is the beating heart of this collection: source of eternal inspiration pending between the natural beauties of Salento and its baroque cities. It penetrates deeply beyond the conceptual roots of tradition and revisits, thanks to flowing fabrics and a super extension of the lines, the contemporaneity of the woman since, in her view, the concept of haute couture is not to be understood only in the evening version. Three oversized sweatshirts, unique pieces, with precious and sparkling doodles are put on chiffon skirts with a diameter of 5 meters: evident the contrast of the textile weights and the will to play with the antitheses. In addition, tie-dye printed dresses in fuchsia recall the bougainvillea and, in shades of blue, the colors of the sea. The eye-catching batik fabrics with phoenixes and flowers emphasize the series of dresses presented. The decorations, entirely hand-embroidered, are a tribute to the Baroque salentino, transposition of the curved architectural lines of churches and noble palaces.

This concludes, for this edition, the Creative District trip in the company of the blog of Gnoseology of Fashion and as happens with each “return” you already want to undertake another. Photo Pietro Piacenti.


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