AltaRoma 2018 – Cinzia Ferri – Palazzo Montemartini

Cinzia Ferri
Cinzia Ferri during Altaroma 2018 at Palazzo Montemartini

AltaRoma 2018 – Cinzia Ferri – Palazzo Montemartini

Altaroma Fashion Week – “Victoria”.
On January 27th at the Palazzo Montemartini Roma will be held the event, collective fashion show, “Victoria” in the official calendar of Alta Roma Fashion Week. On the catwalk you can admire a woman aware of her charm and in love with life like Queen Victoria.
Four designers, Abed Mahfouz, Cinzia Ferri, Marina Corazziari and Vanessa Villafane, will show their collections through a traditional fashion show at the “Victoria” event during the Alta Roma fashion week, while the new entry Debora Lo Magno will present a tableau vivant.
Abed Mahfouz chooses “Victoria” to return to the Roman catwalk to present the couture collection “CAOTIC ROMANCE” where colors like turquoise, pink and red stand out, invited by the Institute of Italian-Lebanese culture whose mission is to increase the relations between Italy and Lebanon. Marina
Corazziari with an eclectic and Mediterranean style fuses with elegant mastery in the creation of her “JEWELERY-SCULPTURE”, real collector’s unique pieces, works of art on a reduced scale that surpass the superfluous horizon to reach deeper meanings which imply the exquisite subtlety of form and being.

Cinzia Ferri, for over 40 years, has expressed her art in her atelier of wedding dresses in Rome, where future brides tell, laugh and relax, pulling out the hidden emotions necessary to realize the gown of their dreams. Vanessa Villafane, young designer, born in Argentina, Italian by adoption with a modeling past, transforms her dream into reality by presenting her first collection entitled “PASIONAL” on the catwalk of “Victoria” and finally, Debora Lo Magno, a young Sicilian designer born in Ragusa, presents a tableau vivant at the “Victoria” event with some dresses from the collection entitled “THE DREAM” inspired for an elegant and sophisticated woman. Also you can admire an installation of Floral Art, “The Victoria’s way” created by the floral designer Gabriela Grandi, of Copihue Floral Studio. Gabriela Grandi, with her sophisticated and unconventional style, has studied a mix between the late Victorian retro-chic design and the contemporary essential one, to interpret the movement and vision typical of Queen
Victoria. At the end of the event, Carlo Dugo, Italian Ambassador of the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles Wine & Spirits, will be present with a selection from his wine cellars through the ENOSIS SRL Representative Agency. The look of the models is cured in every detail by the team of Pablo Face and
Gennaro Diana. The “Victoria” event contains everything that could be trendy, like a Gala dress or simply the cocktail one, also the bride, the sculpture jewels, the floral installations and the fine wines.

Host of the event Valeria Openheimer.

We were there for you and we interview the designers and the parterre

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Francesca Ceci
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