Jewellery collection : SONATA BAROCCA.

A mix between FLOWERS, FRUIT, MASKS and PUTTINI decorates the facades and architecture of Lecce’s city. Nature, in all its beauty, takes over the classical rational lines, typical from the historical period of Renaissance.
The human spirit is not anymore based only on rationality, linearity, perfection and rigorous lines recognized in the “golden mean”, but also in passion and drama.
Feelings that blend with forms and movements, but also fantasy explosion by the artists. An imaginary world made out of beauty, representing natural elements such as flowers, butterflies, fruit and impressive theatrical expressions. The baroque style with its twists and turns, with its passion and drama which recalled the human body linearity but at the same time it’s hidden part, the soul.
Dress and adorn from forms, lines and surreal elements. It’s not only about ornamenting architectural facades but also bodies in all their sinuous and beauty. As if it was a game with volumes, manual sculpturing was experimented with the soft local stone into a digital sculpture.
The use of the 3D printer and technology has been so useful as past reminiscences, forms and dreams are now in our digital present. These have been useful to create this strong idea, gaining all the technological characteristics bringing the use of Nylon onto its maximum performance.
We created like this our jewel collection called SONATA BAROCCA, that divides into four main capsule collection: Preludio, Fantasia, Aria, Sarabanda.



‘Cambiami, the new way to conceive and wear sunglasses!

A unique sunglass customizable with interchangeable accessorizes in order to have  everyday a different look. Thanks to 3D printing. ’100% Made in Italy.
Cambiami are sunglasses designed to be customized with interchangeable accessories.
It is now possible to compose own glasses by choosing the color of the frame, the temples and decorations. Not only. It is also possible to choose the shape of the accessorizes from a series of proposals and personalize them by creating unique versions based on your own creativity. A particular product that can adapt to every person’s daily mood swings.
The basic frame is a classical round model that is intentionally ‘neutral’ and yet highly
sophisticated… round lenses have made history in terms of style, just think of Marylyn Monroe, John Lennon and many others. With smoky lens (Carl Zeiss), minimal frame and customizable accessories that can be applied, Cambiami glasses convey the allure of a star and the feeling that the product is unique, ironical and original, designed and produced outside standard lines.
Furthermore, the round shape gives the impression of continuity and linearity to those who love a simple look, while the accessories create an intriguing look with a touch of craziness with their natural and eccentric futuristic shapes.
The project includes a Capsule Collection about new accessories and colors.


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