Altaroma 2018 – Interview to Manuela Arcuri during Antongiulio Grande Performance

Altaroma 2018 – Interview to Manuela Arcuri during Antongiulio Grande Performance

Interview by:
Francesca Ceci 

During this elegant event we had the pleasure to interview The Italian Actress Manuela Arcuri.

Two diametrically opposed styles and two contrasting personalities that share a deep respect for culture and classicism. Renato Balestra rides the latter constantly, Anton Giulio Grande upsets him without ever denying it. Peaceful meditation is the stylistic work of Balestra who, always faithful to himself, wears an aristocratic, composed and extremely measured femininity; a D’Annunzio poem the one of Anton Giulio Grande who loves the excesses and the continuous provocation, regularly succeeding in overcoming the limit of the allowed without ever appear vulgar.

Renato Balestra parades in the opulence of Palazzo Brancaccio with an audience of about four hundred people and a fresh, contemplative collection of bucolic inspiration, where the dominant color is green. Its clean line is essential, enlivened by inlays and meticulously embroidered flowers. “You have to know how to appreciate Beauty”, recalls Master, “true Beauty, in recent times, has been downgraded because it is considered old-fashioned, but it is from there that we start. precious, beauty should not be forgotten, it must be studied Rome has let itself be snatched its centrality in fashion and the censorship of Beauty has been the immediate consequence.You have to focus on young people, but first of all we must educate them “.

Anton Giulio Grande is of the same opinion who advises young creatives and bloggers who talk about buying many collections of books, surpassing the seductions of Google, because “high fashion is a serious matter”.

In the Hotel Eden that Anton Giulio Grande presents his latest collection, recreating an evocative setting completely inspired by the 1920s. Live music, embroidered dresses, that leave little to the imagination, large fans of ostrich feathers, almost dreamlike headdress and color, lots of color, fill the eyes and satisfy the imagination. The dream, the style, the technical expertise: nothing is missing to confirm the high quality of Italian craftsmanship. Without a way out: you can not remain seduced.



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