With a natural attitude to aesthetic and creativity, Salvatore Vignola is strongly connected with fashion since he was a child, demonstrating a particular interpretation of abstract concepts, a strong sense of trends and a passion for the great classics, that he preserve and reinterpret in a personal and innovative way.
His experiences as a freelancer have explained a creative spirit that often draws from common materials.
From photographic sets to performances, from social life to creativity, Salvatore Vignola literally takes the lead of elegance and aesthetic sensibility, inspired by an extreme femininity and fluidity, enhancing in a unique way the female body, thanks to a meticulous research on materials and fabrics, neutral colors and contrast finishes.
Inspirations are mostly dreamlike, (almost) lacking of purely literary references. Trends research take place more on the streets rather than from fashion shows, being the brand philosophy to create sophisticated pieces for every day life, with a casual look and an extreme attention to Italian craftsmanship.






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