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I.F.N. – Rome Fashion TV is providing trainings with real projects for creatives that want to work in the Fashion, Glamour and Luxury Industries.

With over 44 professional media courses available covering everything from video production, editing & motion graphicscompositing & visual effects and web & print design, we are sure you will find what you need. If you don’t we can always tailor any course to your liking.

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Filmmaking Workshop



The One-Week End Hi-Def Filmmaking Workshop is the most intensive, instructional one-week program in filmmaking that can be found. In one week End, students are instructed in the basics of writing, directing, camera and digital editing, and each student writes, directs, shoots, and edits a short film project. The pace of this one-week-end course is feverish, and students must be prepared to live and breathe filmmaking for the length of their stay. The workshop is offered at the following locations: Amsterdam, Dubai, London, Milan, NewYork, Rome.


The program begins with intensive study in camera, writing and directing. On day two, students begin shooting their individual exercises, which they continue shooting on day four. Day three is composed of editing class and post-production, ending with a final screening. In the one-week-end workshop, each student writes, produces, directs, and digitally edits his or her own film on digital video, and rotates among crew positions when his or her classmates shoot.



Students use digital cameras, portable Lowel lighting packages, and digital editing software. Classrooms are equipped with a television, DVD player, and video cameras for demonstration and screening of clips.



The one-week-end workshop was designed to serve the needs of a variety of students, yet through hands-on classes and exercises, all students gain an understanding of the requirements and rigors of filmmaking, as well as experience the exhilaration of seeing a completed project. For some, the One-Week-End course is an opportunity to see if filmmaking is the appropriate craft for them. All students enrolling in the One-Week-End Filmmaking Workshop should be aware that this is an introductory course. The limitations of a one-week course should be apparent, given that many people spend years studying film and perfecting their craft.


The Premiere Pro Quick Start Course

This one day, hands-on The Premiere Pro Quick Start Training Course offers beginners to editing a quick introduction to sizzle reels with Adobe’s Premiere Pro.

Discover the essentials of editing clips, arranging images and adding audio and titles to efficiently communicate your ideas and abilities in this 1 day Adobe authorised Premiere Pro Course. This course is a quick overview in the latest Adobe Premiere Pro. If you are looking for a comprehensive introduction, The Introduction to Premiere Pro Course will be better

The Introduction to Premiere Pro Course 

This three-day, hands-on Beginners Introduction to Premiere Pro Training Course teaches beginners to craft professional-quality video using this powerful editing tool. This 3 day Adobe Certified Introduction to Premiere Pro training course is designed for beginners to enable you to get your message across with maximum impact using the powerful, flexible video editing capabilities of Adobe Premiere Pro CC. This editing course provides beginners a comprehensive grounding in Adobe Premiere CC and will give you the skills to bring your ideas to life – whether you are editing digital video for broadcast, the web or HD.

The Advanced Premiere Pro Course

This two-day Advanced Premiere Pro hands-on training course teaches trainees to craft professional-quality video using this powerful production tool to an advanced standard. Learn to edit in any native format, source content for the Web and easily exchange projects with other software. This course covers topics like collaborative workflows that accelerate production, encoding, final delivery and much more.

The Premiere Pro Conversion Course for Editors

This one day Premiere Pro Conversion Course for Editors is ideal for the veteran editors looking to transfer their skills to the latest Premiere Pro.

The Introduction to After Effects Course

This 2 day hands-on Beginners Introduction to After Effects Training Course London introduces delegates to the basic concepts of working with motion graphics in Adobe After Effects. This course aims to give beginners new to After Effects the confidence to begin using After Effects motion graphics in a professional environment to produce smooth animation and special effects.


The Intermediate After Effects Course

This 1 day Intermediate After Effects Training Course takes trainees beyond the basic concepts of working with Adobe After Effects and will introduce trainees to the more advanced features of After Effects CC, including Expressions and Advanced 3D. This After Effects course will unlock some of the more advanced features available in After Effects CC. It’s a perfect compliment to our introduction course, and when booked together you SAVE 100 euro.

The After Effects Course Bundle

This 3 day hands-on Beginners to Intermediate to After Effects Training Course in London introduces delegates to the basic concepts of working with motion graphics in Adobe After Effects, animation and expressions. This course is The Introduction to After Effects Course and The Intermediate After Effects Course booked back to back, giving beginners to After Effects the chance to feel confident in motion graphics in a professional environment to produce smooth animation and special effects.


The Advanced After Effects Course

This in-depth 2 day Advanced After Effects Course fully addresses the complexities and sophistication available within After Effects. This advanced After Effects course teaches, in great detail, real life tips and tricks that will greatly enhance your working knowledge of the software. The course predominantly focuses on working with advanced Effects, 3D and Expressions, although other topics will be covered, with an emphasis on using the features in creative and interesting ways.


The Super Advanced Motion Graphics in After Effects Course

This in-depth 2 day Super Advanced Motion Graphics in After Effects Course takes advanced users through some awesome skills & techniques of the modern graphics artist, not taught in any other After Effects course. Using professional case studies, advanced users will be walked through the steps of rebuilding animation compositions using fluid shapes, stylised text, character animation, 3D, expressions and more.This advanced course will also incorporate the powerful Cinema 4D plugin, native to After Effects, giving you the full professional experience.


Fashion Business

The business of fashion combines creative thinking with analytical skills. Our business lessons include videos directed to retail buyers, merchandisers and marketers. They provide a solid foundation for those wishing to start their own retail, manufacturing or design business, including crucial knowledge about retail math, profit & loss, creating a merchandise plan, branding, licensing and marketing.


Fashion Branding

Learn from our industry pro what it means to be a “brand”.  You will learn the psychology behind creating a successful brand and why it is important to get your brand trademarked. In addition, you will learn about different branding strategies to give your product a unique identity so that you can achieve a competitive advantage over your competition.


Introduction to Fashion Marketing

Learn from a fashion industry expert all about the subject of fashion marketing. You will learn the definition of fashion marketing, the purpose of fashion marketing and how to develop a marketing concept. By learning about demographics and psychographics you will be able to build a consumer profile, the key to creating your brand. You’ll also learn what it means when marketer’s talk about the 4Ps and the marketing mix.


Fashion Social Media & Brand Protection

In this course you will learn about the benefits of social media in the development of your brand and also about the risks. Our experts will explain the difference between defamation and libel, how to mitigate the risks when using social media, and what to do if someone engages in the defamation of your brand. This lesson is a must for anyone using the Internet for brand promotion.


Fashion Marketing in the 21st Century

Building on our Introduction to Marketing, this course addresses issues that confront a marketer in the 21st Century. You will learn about how social media and social issues affect the marketing mix, how technological forces aid in the promotion of fashion product and what role the fashion industry plays as it relates to social responsibility.



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